why not mayhem…




what’s in the name…

I’m sure the spelling of MayHam may be driving some of my teacher/grammar friends craaaazy. But there is a reason and let me assure you, I know how to spell (well, most of the time) and even if I didn’t we all know good ol autocorrect has my back. But does is really?? I mean how many times have we been burned by autocorrect. It for reals rejected MY spelling of MayHam at least 163 times.

So MayHam is a smash of my names. Well kinda. My husband (Eric) has always called me May or May May. And Ham is the first 3 letters of my last name. But is it reallllly a strange coincidence that when you smash the words together it’s a play on words of actual word mayhem?? Which if you know me… parts of that definition kind of perfectly describe me. The chaos part. Yeah, go ahead and put me down for a big fat HELL YES. And part of the reason behind this blog is me embracing the colorful chaos of this imperfectly perfect life of mine. The mess and struggle is real. Soooo real, but so is the beauty. So come along as I open my heart, thoughts and ridiculousness. This is my MayHam.



to be continued…

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