this is happening…

Well folks…here I go. Sharing my chaos with the world. Or at least the people of the interwebs.
Who or what is total MayHam?


It’s me. The beautiful chaos that is my life. It’s messy. It’s crazy. It’s amazing. It’s mine. And everyday I’m just trying to figure it all out. As a mom. A wife. A recently retired NICU nurse. A business owner. And a hot mess. Like the hottest mess in all the land. But here I am trying to figure it out. Determined to make magic happen and dreams come true.
What will I share here with you? Right now, I’m not exactly sure about specifics. But it will probably be ridiculous, funny, sometimes insightful, a lot of the time random, always from my heart or my crazy mind and 100% me.
Welcome to my total MayHam. I hope you join me on my crazy ride.


To be continued….


my beautiful chaos.


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