my one word.




My one word this year.


Free to be. 
Free to be unapologetically me.
Free to live.
Free to love.
Free to let go.
Free to hold on.
Free of fear.
Free of excuses.
Free of blame/placing blame.
Free of judgement/passing judgement.
Free of all the what ifs

I have been wanting to share this but kept putting it off cuz well…fear. I’m embarrassed to admit how much fear and worry control me. I’m a worrier. Always have been. And I just can’t be anymore. It is standing in my way of fully being free. Fully being me. Fully reaching the potential I know I am capable of and the life I am deserving of. Because fear has even at times convinced me that I am not worthy.

I am who I am. And I may not be for everyone and I’m learning that that is ok. This is the year that I start being FREE. Letting go. Holding on. Loving more. Living more. Giving more. Giving less.

Allowing me to BE….FREE.

To be continued…..


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